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Kylie’s passion for dance started at a young age learning physical techniques for calisthenics, jazz, modern, tap, lyrical, ballet, aesthetics, and cheer.

Pursuing her passion into University, Kylie achieved her Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Dance and went onto a successful career as a professional performer.

International career highlights include a scholarship to the ‘American Dance Festival’ and USA tours with ‘Ronin/Redfins Dance’ and ‘Tasdance’.

Back in Australia career highlights include touring as a member of ‘Tasdance’ throughout schools and regions as well as performing with ‘Sidetrack Performance Group’ in Sydney for ‘Marrickville Eyes’.

Other highlights include working with ‘Ricarp International’ on performances at major events such as ‘Grand Prix Opening’, corporate floor shows, ‘Disney Westfield’ shows, ‘5 Star Cabaret Performance’ in Singapore, performing with ‘Avanti’ and choreographing the ‘Cole Porter Show’ for the Tasmanian Casino.

Film credits including SBS program ‘13 Acts of Unfulfilled Love’.

After retiring from her dance career, she hopped on the corporate ladder and into the world of sales and marketing.

Fast forward 15 years and her passion for working with children through The Arts was reignited by the birth of her son.

In order to give her son the opportunity she embraced as a young dancer, Kylie leapt off the corporate ladder and skipped back into the studio. She’s now enjoying creating unique dance classes for West Adelaide’s newest recreational dance club, Dance Connect Move.

Kylie looks forward to joining you in helping raise your children into confident, resilient and expressive people, so don’t wait any longer - enrol now.


Kylie Tonellato

At DCM we love sharing our passion for Acrobatics. Through teaching acrobatic skills and drills, we’re empowering young people to set goals, aim high and achieve what they never thought possible.


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