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Acro is a dance form that teaches tricks that are executed on a hard dance surface. Acro classes incorporate elements of tumbling, balance, strength, flexibility and cardio. When you incorporate all of these things into a good technical foundation, your child will learn how to do tricks like handstands, cartwheels, front and back walkovers, and later on advanced tricks, to use in choreography.

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Classes from ages 3 plus
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Acrobatics is particularly effective in releasing the ‘happy’ endorphins in your children and at DCM Acrobatics, we are happy when your kids are happy and active!

That’s why we would like to involve more children, get them ACTIVE and invite you to come along and try a class with our special introductory offer!

At DCM Acrobatics we are also committed to empowering artistic skills, coordination and creative freedom in your children.

JUST FOR YOU - a special introductory class where your child can come and our classes and experience being a part of our beautiful community of families. We make special effort to ensure your child feels very welcomed.

At DCM we love sharing our passion for Acrobatics. Through teaching acrobatic skills and drills, we’re empowering young people to set goals, aim high and achieve what they never thought possible.


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