TINY TUMBLERS - Acrobatic Arts

(Ages 3 to 5yrs)

A fun filled class of energetic movements on the floor and across our acrobatic mat.  We do some songs to age appropriate music, warming up, stretching, progressions across the room including donkey kicks, bear walks, skips, marching, galloping and basic turning skills. At first, they will be successful at circle learning while progressing to travelling in straight lines and waiting their turn. Visual bright coloured station cards are used to assist the student in replicating the position or action successfully.  The children will love working through their report card, collecting stickers and being rewarded with certificates. At the beginning of class parents/carers and their children can together march into the room to meet on a magic mat. We then encourage the children to wave goodbye. We do recommend that children are potty trained and out of nappies and are able to separate from mum for the class.