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Jane Donavon

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 "Kylie is a passionate and talented dancer, choreographer and teacher who worked in all three roles with my companies ‘Essential Talent’ and ‘Just For Fun–the Dance Company’ from 1995 to 2000.


Kylie’s enthusiasm and creativity are matched by her knowledge to guide young dancers towards achieving a life-long love of dance. Adding to this is her ability to be a wonderful role model for young children.


I wish Kylie all the very best for the launch and ongoing success of her dance school".


Gail Laing

Principle Seaview Calisthenics

“I have known Kylie since she first joined the ‘Seaview Calisthenics/Dance School’ at the age of four. As her coach for many years, I have had the privilege of watching Kylie develop into an accomplished dancer.  Her numerous awards and state representation reflect Kylie’s dedication, commitment, and passion for dance.

Many years later she is still competing and has performed in the ‘2018 Pan Pacific Masters Games’ held in Queensland. 

While at ‘Seaview’, Kylie was asked to join the coaching group and did a wonderful job of passing on her knowledge and experience to girls of all ages.  Kylie’s love of dancing has inspired her to start her own dance school. I wish her all the very best in this new venture and have no doubt that she has what it takes to succeed".

Tony Carpenter Pic

Tony Carpenter

Essential Talent

“I have known Kylie since 1999 both personally and professionally. In a professional capacity, we employed Kylie as a Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher for a number of years.

Kylie’s passion for performance and love for dance was reflected in her commitment and dedication to each job that was put before her. We always knew that we could rely on Kylie for outstanding and professional performance. In a personal capacity, Kylie is a caring and nurturing person that would do anything for anybody.

Her selflessness and compassion have helped her to become a decent person, a role model for others and a wonderful mother.

I can only foresee success for Kylie in her new business.”

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Karen Pearlman

Senior Lecturer Macquarie University

"I first met Kylie Tonellato when she was a young dance student in Adelaide, and I was a visiting artist. A few years later, Kylie’s audition for ‘Tasdance’ put her on top of the list for its energy, skill, and conviction.  We took her into the company and, as the new artistic director, I was always pleased to have her on our team. 


A bold and talented dancer, a generous and hardworking person, a collegial and committed dance company member, Kylie will no doubt bring her wealth of experience, energy, and ideas to creating a vibrant studio and learning experience".

At DCM we love sharing our passion for Acro & Dance. Through teaching movement and rhythm, we’re empowering young children to get off the couch and exercise their creative freedom


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