Sport Vouchers

DCM is proudly a Sport Voucher Provider 

Establish if My Child is Eligible

Sports Vouchers are available to all South Australian primary school aged children*. Each eligible child is able to claim one voucher per calendar year.

Provide Information

You must provide all the required details in the form. The critical piece of information is your child’s eleven (11) digit Medicare number or Australian visa number.


After you have provided all the details necessary and have clicked SUBMIT we will email you a PROMO CODE which will reduce your membership fee by $100.

You must then

  1. Visit the Parent Portal
  2. Create an account
  3. Select your chosen classes under 'register for classes'
  4. Finish registration & pay the remaining balance using your code.

* 'Primary School Aged' currently means where a child is attending or is eligible to attend primary school (between the years Reception to Year 9) in South Australia.


    I confirm my child has not already claimed a voucher in 2024: (required) Y Child first name: (required) Family name: (required) Child date of birth: (required) Gender: (required) MF Is this the first time your child has joined this sport / dance organisation?: (required) YN Has your child been identified as living with a disability?: (required) YN Is your child from a culturally and linguistically diverse background?: (required) YN Is your child from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background?: (required) YN Medicare number: Medicare Reference number: or OR Australian visa number: Parent/Guardian first name: (required) Family name: (required) Parent address: (required) Parent suburb: (required) Postcode: (required) Contact number: (required) Parent/Guardian Email: (required)

    At DCM we love sharing our passion for Acrobatics. Through teaching acrobatic skills and drills, we’re empowering young people to set goals, aim high and achieve what they never thought possible.


    We’d love to hear from you and welcome your call. Contact us on 0422 974 747

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