Kids dance classes in West Adelaide

Exciting kids dance classes for pre-schoolers to teens

The difference with our West Adelaide kids dance classes is how we balance personable relationships, which foster your child’s artistic growth and development, with a healthy dose of discipline.

As a non-competitive dance club, we provide classes which encourage dance for the love of learning movement in a supportive studio environment.


jazz magic a

A new level of Jazz for 7+yr. old's. We are launching this class in TERM 2, 2020, so be sure to add your name to the waitlist so we can follow you up nearer to LAUNCH DAY!
Do you have a child who can’t stop tapping his or her toes and just loves to dance? Calling all 'rays of sunshine' to gather their friends, explore and sprinkle their dance magic together!​

DCM'S JAZZ MAGIC classes are energetic and fun, and will certainly get your child up and moving!​ Popular music is used while little dancers explore their unique way of moving.  ​

What will they learn? ​

They will learn body isolation's, stretching, flexibility, turning, leaping and  more. Kept at an age appropriate pace, to music they know and love, we will develop their  musical appreciation, physical expression, co-ordination, spatial awareness, memory, dance movement repertoire and ability.​

How do I express my interest?


  • CREATE your profile in our online Parent Portal - visit
  • CLICK on register for classes and join the waitlist!

Let's create MAGIC!

Acrobatic Arts (Ages 5 to 12+)

Have an active child? Acrobatic Arts combine physically challenging acrobatic movements and dance. Great for boys and girls, it’s designed to promote excellence in flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling.

Kids learn in a safe environment to flip, perform walkovers, back bends and cartwheels, all under the supervision of a qualified trainer. You can also choose to join in an exam process through an accredited syllabus which gives a great sense of achievement to our little ones.

The levels begin at primary through to level 12. The children will have progression cards they work through to achieve each skill in each level. Once our students have mastered the skills in their level they move up to the next allowing them to develop their skills at their own pace.

It is preferred but not compulsory that for this class students are taking another technical dance class

NEW Strength/Condition & Flexibility

This intensive class runs for a 6 week block in each term.

The perfect class for all ages, if you are looking to safely learn the rules to increased or improved flexibility, a stronger core and overall body strength. This class assists in understanding how important the brain/body connection is. Learn many different stretching techniques with a certified teacher with focus on best practise in injury prevention. In some cases we may use equipment such as therabands, ankle weights, blocks & rollers.

Brilliant for those already taking Level 2 and up Acrobatics or a Jazz class, or perhaps externally attending a calisthenics club.

TINY TUMBLERS - Acrobatic Arts (Ages 3 to 5yrs)

A fun filled class of energetic movements on the floor and across our acrobatic mat. We do some songs to age appropriate music, warming up, stretching, progressions across the room including donkey kicks, bear walks, skips, marching, galloping and basic turning skills.

At first, they will be successful at circle learning while progressing to travelling in straight lines and waiting their turn. Visual bright coloured station cards are used to assist the student in replicating the position or action successfully.

The children will love working through their report card, collecting stickers and being rewarded with certificates. At the beginning of class parents/carers and their children can together march into the room to meet on a magic mat. We then encourage the children to wave goodbye.

We do recommend that children are potty trained and out of nappies and are able to separate from mum for the class.

Jazz/pop (Ages 5 to 12+)

Ever wanted to be in a music video? These dance classes break down the popular moves you see on YouTube into easy to follow actions.

Experience catchy routines with a sassy flair along with a great workout. Jazz combines style & techniques from a variety of popular dance forms.

Some examples of the techniques our jazz students will learn include turns, kicks, leaps and body isolations. Build confidence, technical ability by trying a Jazz class today!

Mixed Hip Hop (Ages 5 to 12+)

This class is designed to introduce your child to the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance.

A step into the world of breaking, locking, popping, learning technique, steps and styles.

School Holiday Kids Dance Workshops

DCM’s mission is to create interactive and collaborative workshops in a friendly environment.

We hold one-off workshops in the school holidays that can be anything from dancing to live Bongo's to learning special floor Hip Hop 'breaking' tricks.  Children can either feel the beat of the bongo in their body and experience exciting live music or feel completely proud when they master a dynamic floor breaking movement.

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